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Stalwart AI: The first autonomous AI module set to change the world of finance

Stalwart Coin

A combination of stablecoins, balanced by AI and protected from the risk of any one coin crashing

Stalwart Index

A volatile coin that enables profit-making in both mid-term and long-term trading

Stalwart Pay

An extensive ecosystem of e-commerce products based on its own blockchain and stablecoin

Stalwart AI will enable the launch of innovative products in the crypto-economy sector. The AI module is used in tech products for automatic monitoring of the news background. It autonomously makes decisions on asset balancing in stablecoin, as well as in mid-term and long-term trading instruments of the Stalwart blockchain ecosystem.

Areas of Operating


Adaptive Stablecoin

We also aim to create new types of decentralized financial services based on our own blockchain ecosystem with integrated AI and automated contracts. More than 70 tools and microservices, including a payment module, wallet, exchanger, staking, bridge, explorer and promo code system, will all be available to every user.


Diagnosis Analyser

AI analyzes vast amounts of data to identify hidden abnormalities. This means doctors can see the beginnings of disease before it even manifests itself. AI is also transforming the way medical images are analyzed - our systems can detect anomalies that sometimes escape the human eye, making diagnosis more accurate and faster.


AI Marketing

Not just a tool, but an automated AI workshop for marketers, enabling a single specialist to work like an entire advertising agency, leveraging offline resources of an integrated exchange (photographers, videographers, designers) and creating a full range of top-quality marketing mediums.

Our focus is on products with concrete value for everyday life, robots and technologies that empower rather than replace humans. It is very important to us that consumers clearly understand the practical benefits of artificial intelligence. We aim to promote products with clear and measurable results.

KonstaNtine Morosheen
CEO Algoritmic Lab

Our Team

Since 2020, we've been building technology products with artificial intelligence that transform the human experience every day and make familiar workflows easier.

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